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Brick Slips Manchester

Brick Slips Manchester

brick slips manchesterBrick slips in Manchester are used both on internal and external walls. They are often called brick veneers, brick tiles or cladding and are made by either slicing real bricks, if you can imagine that, or they are made as purpose-made tiles.

What are Brick Slips in Manchester Used For?

A slip is a face cut from the brick generally 20mm thick to produce a slip.
We supply slips in a wide range of styles and colours to suit a traditional or modern look.
With this variety of styles slips can be used internally for the following:

Brick Slips for Fireplaces

Slips can look amazing when used in fireplaces. They are a real focal point to a living room. Slips are a hassle free and simpler alternative to traditional bricks especially if you have limited space.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Brick effect kitchen splashbacks are a quick and efficient method of creating a feature wall in your kitchen. Brick slip splashbacks can really give the kitchen a boost and create a rustic look. Using slips gives you the exposed brick wall effect you want without the hassle of building new walls.

Brick Floor Tiles

We often get asked if slips are suitable to use on floors. Slip floor tiles give a really stunning look on many floors around the home, or even in pubs, restaurants and gardens. Suitable in many floor spaces the brick floor tile is now a favourite amongst interior designers.

External Brick Slips Manchester

Slips are a quick way to give the exterior of an existing building a new look. Or they can equally be used on new build projects where logistics or resources dictate. Our external slips are used by the jobbing builder, the property developer, house builders and even people working on renovation projects.

Reclaimed Brick Slips

We’ve mentioned that reclaimed slips work well on floors but imagine them on walls too! Reclaimed bricks are salvaged or rescued from demolition sites or salvage yards and refashioned into slips.
Reclaimed slips already look weathered and are suitable to many projects be it an existing house or new build homes that want some old world charm.

Brick Slips Corners

Slip corners are specifically used to provide a good finish to a brick slip wall project. They are used normally when the structure meets another part of the building such as pillars, posts and windows. We can hand cut corners to any size which is really useful on older properties. Builders use the corners with great effect and in many cases it’s hard to tell that the wall isn’t made from solid bricks.

Brick Slips Samples Manchester

There’s no end to what you can do with brick slips, If you have an idea give us a call and let’s see how we can help. We can let you see some samples too and offer a brick slip matching service too.

Ready to get some bricks cut?